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Announcing Our New Podcast - Your Business Ally™

We’re excited to announce our podcast - Your Business Ally™. Join Jo for an engaging and insightful conversation based on her 20 years managing global IP assets worth over $2 billion. And, get the inside scoop about negotiating with Fortune 100 companies like WalMart, GE and Home Depot. Listen in and learn to license and monetize intellectual property (trademarks, software, know-how & creative content) for recurring revenue. Close more profitable deals, and gain greater value from your professional advisors. It’s Strategic Law for Midsize Companies.

Take the podcast on your commute to work, listen during workouts, and share it with friends. Let’s have some fun, Allies! Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher, RadioPublic, or TuneIn. And, check out our guide to subscribe on your phone or tablet. Sponsored by HOLMES@LAW at (Disclaimer: This podcast is not legal advice.)


JoAnn Holmes ("Jo") serves as Outside General Counsel, providing comprehensive legal solutions and executive level guidance to innovative midsize companies. She focuses on business and legal strategy, commercial contracts, and building intellectual property licensing programs.

Contact us to discuss how we can work together for your business success! HOLMES@LAW - Your Business Ally™.


Holmes, How … about the Disclaimers? Information shared by JoAnn Holmes and/or HOLMES@LAW, LLC ("We or Us") is for educational purposes only. It is not legal advice. Until you enter a formal engagement agreement with Us, We are not your legal counsel, and no attorney-client relationship exists. So, please do not share any confidential information with Us, and please only interact with Us if you agree to these ground rules. Thanks! © 2018 HOLMES@LAW, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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