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JoAnn Holmes ("Jo") is regularly featured as an authority on digital assets including NFTs, the metaverse, DAOs, social and community tokens, cryptocurrencies and blockchain tech.  Likewise, she advises clients on monetizing intellectual property (brands, software, content and expertise) for recurring revenue. 


For over 20 years, Jo has served on global leadership teams, negotiating with companies like Disney, Target, the NFL, and Microsoft.  Her IP portfolios under management have exceeded $2 billion.  

In addition to hosting the podcast Your Business Ally™, Jo has appeared on multiple popular business and Web3 focused podcasts.  She has written for the American Bar Association, and spoken extensively - including for the American Institute of Graphic Artists, Cornell Law School, and in customized workshops for Fortune 50 audiences.  

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Digital Assets

  • NFTs & IP: Creators, Community & Coins

  • DAO Law 101

  • IP for Web3 - Leveraging Brands in the Metaverse


Intellectual Property 

  • From Idea to Implementation - Monetizing Your Brands, Content and Expertise

  • Coders & Cash: How to Amplify Income with Software Licensing Ladders


Business Contracts

  • Negotiating with Fortune 500s … When You're Not One

  • Don't Leave Money on the Table: Insider Contract Tactics


Profitable Legal Strategy

  • Fire Your Lawyer.  Hire a Strategist. How to Improve Legal ROI 

  • Is Your Foundation Shaky?  Legal Land Mines for 7 and 8 Figure Businesses 

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Appearances ...


Digital Assets & Blockchain Tech

NFTs, DAOs, metaverse, cryptocurrency, tokens, & Web3

Tech Intersect
Brands & Web3 IP
Tre Borden Presents 
NFTs & Digital Asset Monetization
NFT Ownership & DAO Assets
Token Summit DAO
(decentralized autonomous organizations)


Intellectual Property

Trademark, Copyright, Trade Secrets & Licensing

brands, software, expertise & business content

Your Business Ally
Brands and Bank: Trademarks in Business
Mediocre to Masterful
Strategize and Monetize IP
Your Business Ally
Untapped Income: IP Licensing for Midsize Companies
Monetize Your Business IP
Break the Ceiling
Using Your Intellectual Property To Pivot & Build Resilience

Legal & Business Strategy

Contracts & Negotiation

Your Business Ally
Fortune 500 Negotiations: Insider Tactics for the Middle Market
Your Business Ally
Legal ROI: 5 Tips to Enhance Midsize Company Profit
The Power of WE
Legal Fundamentals for Entrepreneurs

Business Radio X
Top 3 Legal Risks for Business Owners

Business Management

Entrepreneurship & Law Practice

New Solo
Tech in Law
The Maximum Lawyer
Starting a Law Firm
ALT Legal
Trademark Law Practice


Professional Women

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Freeman Means Business
Owning Your Value
The Gen Why Podcast
Career Transitions

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