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JoAnn Holmes Teaches Technology Law to Youth Founders

​JoAnn Holmes ("Jo") joined the Digital Youth Founders group to teach technology law. The students shared their ideas and innovation, and Jo addressed the differences between trademarks, copyrights and patents. Likewise, Jo provided business focused feedback to help students brainstorm marketing and sales tactics. Congrats to these young scientists and engineers!

JoAnn Holmes ("Jo") is the founder of HOLMES@LAW, LLC. She serves as Outside General Counsel to intimate management teams for midsize companies, and provides strategic legal support for lean law departments. Our focus areas are business law, commercial contracts and global intellectual property management. HOLMES@LAW clients often create brands, license software, and distribute knowledge with national and global reach.

Jo is also committed to service work, including through supporting local schools and and leadership groups, as well as international charities. Contact Us to discuss how we can work together. HOLMES@LAW - Your Business Alley™.

Holmes, How … about the Disclaimers?

Information shared by JoAnn Holmes and/or HOLMES@LAW, LLC ("We or Us") is for educational purposes only. It is not legal advice. Each situation is unique, so the information We share may not be relevant to your circumstance. Until you enter a formal engagement agreement with Us, We are not your legal counsel, and no attorney-client relationship exists. So, please do not share any confidential information with Us, and please only interact with Us if you agree to these ground rules. Thanks!

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