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Negotiate Your Value! Contracts for Creatives, Consultants, Techies & Freelancers

You don't get what you Deserve. You get what you Negotiate!

JoAnn Holmes taught "Negotiate Your Value! Contracts for Creatives, Consultants & Techies" on January 26, 2017 at Cornerstone Coworking to an audience of entrepreneurs and small business owners. The interactive, solution-focused session taught not only how to protect your business as a freelancer, but also how to grow it with effective contracts.

  • Get Paid on Time by Customers

  • Protect and Monetize Creative Assets

  • Extend Contracts with Good Customers and Vendors

  • Exit Contracts that Don't Work for Your Business

  • Resolve Disputes without Expensive Litigation

  • Reduce the Costs of Lawsuits when Business Relationships Go Wrong

JoAnn "Jo" Holmes is the founder of HOLMES@LAW, LLC, where her practice focus areas are Business Contracts, Trademark & Tech. She works with a broad array of clients, including professional service providers, consultants, creative content and software developers. Having practiced law for over 17 years, Jo provides clients with pragmatic legal solutions and strategic business guidance. Her goal is to live the firm's slogan - Your Business Ally™.

Holmes, How … about the Disclaimers?

Information shared by JoAnn Holmes and/or HOLMES@LAW, LLC ("We or Us") is for educational purposes only. It is not legal advice. Each situation is unique, so the information We share may not be relevant to your circumstance. Until you enter a formal engagement agreement with Us, We are not your legal counsel, and no attorney-client relationship exists. So, please do not share any confidential information with Us, and please only interact with Us if you agree to these ground rules. Thanks!

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