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JoAnn Holmes Graduates Leadership Gwinnett's GLANCE Spring 2016 Class

Attorney JoAnn Holmes of HOLMES@LAW, LLC graduated in the Leadership Gwinnett GLANCE Spring 2016 class. Gwinnett is the most diverse county in the Southeastern United States, and GLANCE engages a select group of cross-cultural professionals who are dedicated to community service.

GLANCE is an acronym for "Gwinnett Leaders Acknowledging the Need for Community Engagement". During the program, representatives from law, business, education, healthcare, service and the arts educate GLANCE class members about the county's successes, opportunities and challenges, with the goal of facilitating meaningful commitment to support our community.

During GLANCE, we learned about outstanding Gwinnett County Public Schools programs like Gear Up at Sweetwater Middle School, where students who have suffered academic setbacks are now excelling with a second chance. Likewise, we visited community outreach organizations like "Boat People SOS", serving our Vietnamese community in Gwinnett County. Their motto is "we're all in the same boat". And, we heard from leaders in the arts representing the Aurora Theater in Lawrenceville and the Red Clay Theater in Duluth. Please visit our Facebook Page for more information and photos of the Leadership Gwinnett GLANCE experience.

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