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We help brands and creators

develop smart Web3 strategy, monetize IP,

and negotiate successful deals.

It doesn't hurt to have some fun too!


How We Serve ...

Creating an NFT collection? Governing DAO IP? Ready to leverage your brands, art and tech in the metaverse? Want to engage and reward your community with a social token? 


Book an IP for Web3™ consultation.  We'll develop a legal compliance plan, devise strategies to protect your digital assets, and help roadmap the project for smart scale.  

Need ongoing legal advice?  We offer recurring strategy services as an Advisor to Web3 organizations, in support of DAO governance, and through Board of Directors service. Compare our Consultations and Advisory services.

Holmes@Law - IP and Digital Assets Attorney

Sample Consultations and Advisory Roles

  • Manage legal oversight for prominent global NFT Art Studio

  • Recurring advisor for Stanford based Web3 gaming startup

  • Collaborate on NFT drops for promotion of digital music releases

  • Consultant to founder of blockchain centered health data company

  • Advisor to metro Atlanta mayor on crypto financial education campaign

We negotiate and draft a broad scope of intellectual property and digital asset focused agreements to monetize and protect your creative and tech innovation. 

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Successful Negotiations and Contract Offerings



  • Strategic Partnerships

  • Co-Branding Agreements

  • NFT Commercialization Licenses

  • Collaborations & Royalty Splits 


  • Sponsorships & Endorsements

  • Media & Publicity Releases

  • Copyright Assignments & Work for Hire

  • Independent Contractor Agreements 


Practice Areas

IP:  Brands & Trademark | Copyright & Creative Content | Advertising | Publicity Rights | Global Portfolio Management

Web3: NFTs, Smart Contracts & Royalties | DAOs | Community & Social Tokens | Metaverse Assets | Blockchain Tech


Legal Services


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As Outside General Counsel, we partner with only select, innovative, intellectual property focused organizations.  With 20+ years of experience closing IP licensing deals in the US and abroad, we understand your unique value, and affirmatively identify revenue opportunities.  


Ready to take legal off your to-do list? A customized Business Ally™ legal service subscription is the right solution. Executive level guidance, and efficient contract negotiations, at predictable monthly rates.  Let’s get started!

Who We Serve ...

Our clients are innovative companies with national and global reach.  They create brands, NFTs and tokens, license Web3 assets and software, and distribute content to Fortune 500 enterprises, strategic partners, and in the metaverse.  The diverse industries we serve include blockchain tech, SaaS, data intelligence, the arts, finance, consulting and professional services, healthcare, manufacturing, food and beverages.

We align with leaders in intellectual property, who value agile, responsive legal collaboration, and proactive guidance.  Many clients are founders, families and friends who've grown their businesses through savvy acumen and faithful perseverance.  We commit to your success, and build longstanding relationships as trusted advisors.

Our Clients Say ...

"Thanks for your wisdom and guidance.  Your perspective has had a huge impact on our thinking about what we do, and how we do it.  We are so very excited, and thankful for you!"

" Thank you for being

a great friend,

and looking out for us!"

" Not only does she thoroughly

address your immediate concerns,

but also takes additional time

to explain how your needs

might shift in the future."


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