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Customized General Counsel subscriptions provide pragmatic, executive level guidance and comprehensive oversight of your most essential legal matters.  

An Intellectual Property subscription is tailored to help register, protect and license trademarks (brands, logos and slogans), software, business copyrights and trade secrets - in the US and over 150 countries worldwide. 


Through our Assure™ IP Consulting services, we collaboratively develop and implement impactful strategies to monetize your IP assets for recurring revenue.  Details here.

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Business Ally™ 
General Counsel Subscription ...

Customer & Vendor Agreements 

Commercial Transactions

Legal & Strategic Business Guidance 

Contract Negotiation & Drafting

Consulting & Professional Services Terms

Independent Contractor Agreements

Representation & Broker Commission Contracts


Manufacturing and Distribution Agreements
Product Sales Contracts

Equipment & Ingredients Procurement Terms

Acquisitions and Divestitures

Letters of Intent & Memorandum of Understanding

Confidentiality & Non-Disclosure Terms

Offer Letters & Employment Agreements

Exclusivity, Non-solicitation and Non-compete Terms

Dispute Resolution Management

Indemnifications & Releases

Business Ally™ 
Intellectual Property Subscription ...

Trademark, Tech and Expertise Licensing

Global IP Portfolio Management

ConsultingAssure™ IP Monetization Strategies

IP Buying & Selling

International IP Licensing​

Joint Asset Development Agreements


SaaS, Custom Software, and Reseller Agreements

Co-Branding and Creative Content Collaborations

Influencer, Endorsement & Sponsorship Contracts

Trademark & Service Mark Registrations 

Logo & Slogan Clearance

Trade Dress Protection

Brand Policing & Rights Enforcement

Domain Name Portfolio Management

Advertising, Marketing & Social Media Review

Label & Packaging Clearance

Copyright Assignment & Work for Hire Agreements

Federal Trade Commission Ad Compliance


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