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IP Architect™
IP Revenue Framework

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Assure Architect™ IP Licensing Framework - Holmes@Law

1. Identify

  • Appraise initial brand, content, expertise & digital assets

  • Mindmap value propositions and target customers

  • Evaluate licensing ladders and revenue models

2. Assess

  • Explore expanded IP profit centers

  • Gauge asset ownership gaps

  • Establish "MVP" (minimum viable product) for initial offer

3. Execute

  • Finalize licensing, monetization and pricing frameworks

  • Develop visibility, marketing and sales launch strategy  

  • Anticipate revenue growth channels and scaling opportunities

Delivery Options

full framework or defined scope to support your unique goals


Full Framework

Comprehensive guidance to launch your customized IP revenue program. Over three sessions, we identify core IP assets, unlock your unique value proposition, align revenue models and pricing, assess target customers, build your MVP ("minimum viable product") and "go to market" strategy. A turnkey success solution.


Defined Scope

Discrete, standalone sessions, customized to your objectives.  Whether that's developing IP pricing models, discovering new assets to license, or expanding existing programs into additional channels and territories, we're ready to support your defined objectives.

"Thanks for your wisdom and guidance.  Your perspective has had a huge impact on our thinking about what we do, and how we do it.  We are so very excited, and thankful for you!" 

Melinda Hollandsworth

Co-Founder, Path United

Put our 20+ years managing global intellectual property portfolios worth over $2 billion to work leveraging your IP.  

We'll assess your trademarks, content and expertise to develop a monetization program for recurring revenue.

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