IP for Web3™

legal consultations & strategic advice


Don't know what you don't know? IP for Web3™ consultations provide peace at mind about the 

key legal issues impacting digital asset organizations. Beyond identifying problems. Let's highlight opportunities!


Intellectual Property

Avoid expensive infringements and protect your brands, content, and blockchain tech.


NFTs, Royalties & Splits

Leverage (smart) contracts to maintain recurring revenue across platforms and secondary sales.


Employees & Contractors

Know the jurisdictional laws impacting workers, collaborations and DAO members.


Vendors & Software

Benchmark Web3 industry leading exchanges, dapps and service providers.

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Monetize digital assets through strategic partnerships and licensing deals.


DAOs, LLCs & Corporations

Safeguard owners' and members' personal assets with sound business structure.



Comply with KYC/AML requirements, OFAC sanctions, SEC guidance, and privacy laws.



Prepare for taxes on crypto income, NFT transactions and Web3 businesses.


Need ongoing, proactive legal advice?

We offer strategy services for Web3 organizations.  Let's collaborate!

Services: Recurring Advisor | DAO IP Governance | Board of Directors

Sample Consultations and Advisory Roles

NFTs & Royalties

  • Manage legal oversight for prominent global NFT Art Studio

  • Influencer licensing strategy for recurring royalties

Gaming & Music

  • Advisor for Stanford based Web3 gaming startup

  • Collaborate on NFT drops for promotion of digital music releases

Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Tech

  • Advisor to metro Atlanta mayor on crypto financial education campaign

  • Consultant to founder of blockchain centered health data company

  • Advisor to international NGO re: deploying distributed ledger tech for governmental integrity project


Compare our IP for Web 3™ Consultations and

Advisory products to find the best fit for your organization.

  • Limited Engagement

  • One 90 minute consultation

  • Up to 3 topics

  • Legal actions checklist

Designed for​

early stage projects,

roadmap and white paper design,

identifying key legal risks early

  • Limited Engagement

  • Two 90 minute consultations

  • Up to 3 topics per session

  • Legal actions checklist

  • Professional service provider recommendations

  • Vendor suggestions

  • Resource links

Designed for​

designing NFT collections, 

hiring employees and contractors,

fundraising preparation

  • Recurring Strategy

  • MONTHLY: 60 minute consultations 

  • Priority email access

  • Legal actions checklist

  • Professional service provider recommendations

  • Vendor suggestions

  • Resource links

Designed for​

monitoring Web3 legal changes

evolving projects & scaling companies

ongoing DAO legal governance


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