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Huddle your legal, financial and leadership teams for an informed perspective on your top goals.  Quarterly or semi-annual strategy sessions are the right solution to gather cross-industry insights, identify opportunities, and streamline smart decisions.


Business Continuity & Coronavirus Impact Management

How will COVID-19 coronavirus alter your business plans?  What impact does the pandemic have on contractual responsibilities with customers and vendors? Which laws apply during these unique times?  We help clients navigate uncertainties and identify emerging opportunities.


Risk Assessment

Disputes drain both time and money. Instead, minimize risks and avoid expensive litigation with strategic legal planning.  Through ongoing partnerships with clients, we anticipate problems, and collaborate to offer pragmatic, cost effective solutions to real world challenges. 


Best Practice Benchmarking

Our team advises midsize companies across the tech, food and beverages, manufacturing, healthcare, finance, government, advertising and professional services industries. Leverage our experience to deploy best in class legal, marketing, sales and management tactics in your business.


New Products & Services

Extending your product line? Launching into new channels and territories? Congrats!  We'll help assess the brands, pricing, distribution and sales strategies to support profitability. Plus, highlight key contract negotiation terms with new and existing customers and vendors.


Team Expansion

Ready? Set. Grow! Navigate the maze of scaling your team with employees and independent contractors. Avoid exposing confidential information, and reinforce your company's rights in customer lists, innovation, and proprietary information.


Partnerships & Acquisition

Collaborations leverage reach. And, acquisitions amplify your footprint. But, what's right for your business and its culture? We've managed domestic and international acquisitions, carve outs and integrations for decades. We'll help assess a great fit for your team.


Succession Planning

What's next? Children inheriting the business? Transitioning ownership to a loyal employee? Interested in selling at a revenue multiple to a strategic or financial buyer? Options abound.  Let's start a conversation, and build a smart exit plan....early.


Forecasting & Budgeting

If everything's a priority, then nothing is. We partner with you to figure out what's important, and develop a pragmatic budget to accomplish the biggest wins and tackle the most worrisome risks. (Your CFO will thank you.)

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